Friday, February 18, 2011

With 23 Games to Go.

18-Feb-11 @ 07:00

Today: we are 7 points up on Detroit for the conference lead. We are 2 points up on Phily, who have two games in hand, for the President's Trophy. The Flyers play tonight so the likelihood of being in sole possession of first place in 24 hours is very low. If the playoff were to start today, we would get Marc Crawford and the Dallas Stars in first round and home ice advantage for as long as we stay alive in the playoffs.

The Canucks still have a mathematical potential to secure 129 points for the season. Mathematically the Canucks can still tie the Detroit Red Wings record of 60 wins in a season. Given the season average pace the Canucks are on track for a 115 point season. With defense corp injuries and a 1 win in 3 tries mini road trip, using the results of the last 10 games to project the season, surpizingly also tracks to 115 points.

We are 16 wins away from the Holly Grail and none of those 16 games will be played before 13-Apr-2011.


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