Saturday, April 09, 2011

Why Win in Calgary?

Daniel - 102 Points. Closest rival Corey Perry at 97. Chances are Perry will not get 6 more points than Daniel in one game. The Art Ross Trophy will go to Daniel. But if Daniel were to put up a big game this would also help to cement his votes for the Hart. Perry is the contenderfront runner. Henrick is the incumbent. If the twins put on a show at the Sadledome they give themselves a better chance to pick up both the Art Ross and the Hart.

Luongo - 38 wins. There are three with 37 including (surprise) Kiprusoff. Canucks win and Luongo is a contender for the Vezina. Tim Thomas will win but... with a win tonight Luongo will have the most wins in the league.

Plus / Minus - Kevin Bieksa. Tied with Toni Lydman at plus 32. Never heard this before and you heard it here first - Bieksa future Norris Trophy winner. Not this year and he needs to stay healthy for a full season. Most rank for the Norris based on points. But scoring is not the measure of the top defensive player in the league. Bieksa is slowly moving towards top D-Man distinction. Pretty good for a guy who was expendable, wasn't even going to be on the team when the season started, when Salo returned, etc... be on the ice tonight for a few goals to win the Plus / Minus race and Kevin Bieksa will take another step towards elite D-Man status.

Jack Adams Award - Alain Vigneault. Does the coach make the team look good? Or does the team make the coach look good? Having coached, I say the coach makes the team look good. Given Pittsburgh Penguins' success without Crosby, Dan Bylsma may be a lock for the 'best' coach award. AV's guided the 'Nucks to their best season ever. He has lead the team to more wins in a single season than Roger Neilson/Harry Neale, Pat Quinn or Mike Keenan. AV won the Jack Adams in 2006. Did he top that job? Sure he did.

Moe - go into the post season on a big win. Having momentum is a good thing when you look to be facing the defending Champions in the first round. Having mailed one in (they did that with the Oil (twice!)) is not the work ethic that a team needs to carry in to the playoffs.


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With One Game To Go

09-Apr-11 @ 8:00

Tonight: Canucks play Calgary on HNIC. As with last year the Flames are officailly done. last year the Nucks put up a 7-3 Win at home which featured a stunning goal by Daniel. This yers game is in Calgary. Having put up a 5-0 win over Minny to close the home schedule, I suspect the game in Calgary to be less. Much less.

If the playoffs were to start tomorrow we would face the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round. With everyone from 9th place Dallas to 4th place Nashville as potential for the first round match up. The math is complex but the most likely candidates are Dallas, Chicago or LA. The lowest points in the West will be 97 - Dallas, Chicago or Anaheim. The lowest non Shoot Out west wins will either 36 or 37 by Los Angeles. we get the lowest points with the lowest number of non shoot out wins breaking a tie in points.

Before the end of the season (I guess I mean tomorrow) I will make a graphic with the match ups.

We are 16 wins away from the Holly Grail and none of those 16 games will be played before 13-Apr-2011.


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