Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daniel, Henrik or Kesler?

I heard one of the HNIC guys proclaim Daniel is on track for a 50 goal season. General HNIC Rules: Unless it is said by Jim Hughson, don't believe it. Exception to the rule: If it is said by Ron MacLean and it is not about Alex Burrows, believe it. I have some time for Don Cherry and Kelly Hrudey as the embassadors of the game. Elliot Friedman (a jounalist) and PJ Stock (an ex goon player), when his tongue is not all tied up, are creditiable. Mike Milbury, Glen Healy, Garry Galley, Kevin Weeks? Who let these guys on the air? And mystery of all mysteries: Greg Millen! Millen was an alsoran goalie and has dropped in ability as a broadcaster. Rant over back to the post.

Daniel is on track for 44 goals and 105 points. Daniel is currently tops the league in Points (Art Ross Trophy). Ryan Kesler is on track for a team high 45 goals and 77 points. Kesler's career high 33 goals are 7 behind Steven Stamkos' 40 goals (Maurice Richard Trophy). Current Art Ross and Hart Trophy holder Henrik Sedin is on track for 19 goals and 98 points. So does little brother Daniel take over this year as the Art Ross and Hart Throphy holder? Maybe. And as Henrik recently put it "I too would be leading the league in points if I had me passing to me."

As for a 50 goal season. Both Daniel and Kesler need to pick up the pace a little to reach that achievement. An Achievement that has only been reached four times in Cancuks history, thrice by Pasha "Russian Rocket" Bure and once by Alex Mogilny. Bure had 60 in both '92-93 and '93-94 and 51 in '97-98. Mogilny reached the plateau in '95-96 with 55 red lights lit.


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