Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lighthouse Park - Point Atkinson

Situated at Point Atkinson in West Vancouver, Lighthouse Park is 75 hectares of virgin rain forest and popular with local residents.

There are a two significant firsts for Lighthouse Park.

Point Atkinson, named by Captain George Vancouver, is the site of Canada’s first manned light stations in 1874. The beacon light was first lit on 17-Mar-1875. The current lighthouse was built in 1912 on the granite foreshore. The light is a dramatic landmark and can been seen from three viewpoints in the park. The image above shows the 60 foot light tower from West Beach.

Point Atkinson was also the site of one of the first European colonies on the Pacific west coast of what is now Canada. The first Caucasian child born in West Vancouver was on 25-Apr-1876. His name was James Atkinson Woodward, son of the first lighthouse keeper, Edwin Woodward.


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