Monday, February 21, 2011

Does Number 1 Seed Win the Stanley Cup?

When the regular season is over the league seeds teams based on those results to determine opponents for each of four rounds in the Stanley Cup tournament. Highest ranked teams get lowest ranked opponents in each round.

Here is what the recent history shows us:

2010W2 CHIE7 PHI
2009E4 PITW2 DET
2008W1 DETE2 PIT
2007W2 ANAE4 OTT
2006E2 CARW8 EDM

With the exception of the '07-08 Detroit Red Wings no number one seed has reached the finals never mind won the cup. But look again. Every year the Number 2 seed made it to the cup final. With the exception of the Cinderella, post lock out, Oilers every year since the #1 or #2 seed from the West has played in the finals. Small sample size but 60% of the #2 seeds have won the last 5 cups. Interesting indeed!

Dear Canucks - no President's Trophy please! Get your D-men healthy. Better yet buy one (or two) more just in case. There is so much more at stake here than the moniker of "best of class - Regular Season." Love - your Fans


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