Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who is the Best NHL Referee?

What the players said.

In a 2011 option survey, 15% of players picked a referee named “None” as the best. This could be taken as the glass half full or the glass half empty. Do the players all think that the level of NHL officiating is so consistent that there is little to choose between all referees when attempting to select a best ref? Or was this a slight on the zebras with players sending, in their opinions, the message that the whole crew of them sux?

Of the referees that were named, Kelly Sutherland received the most favourable ranking with the approval rating from 13% of the players responding to the survey. The runners up were Bill McCreary (10%), Wes McCauley (9%) and a tie Tim Peel and Paul Devorski (7%).


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