Sunday, February 20, 2011

What does it Take to Win the President's Trophy

For the Western Conference we just accept that 95 points will be required to make it to NHL hockey's second season. But how many points does it take to win the Presidents Trophy as warded to the leagues top point getter in the regular season?

History hints at an answer:

YearTeamPointsWon By
2009San Jose1171

When the race is close, if a team scores 114 points or more chances are they win the President's Trophy. Your Canucks are on pace for 116.2 points a using seasonal projection and 115.8 using last 10 games projection. Rounded to 116 points, this total should be good enough to secure the West #1 seed and maybe the President's Trophy. Tomorrow we can examine the history on whether a Number 1 seeding has been advantageous. Do we even want that damn President's Trophy?


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