Sunday, April 20, 2008

Next ‘Nucks GM

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Have you ever been in the situation where you hear something and you’re afraid to repeat it just in case it is true? For the last week or so I have had this creepy feeling about the vacant GM post with our beloved Canucks. When Nonis was let go – and I support that move by the way – I immediately began to think of a potential replacement.

Your thoughts turn to out of work GM’s like Mike Smith, Doug Armstrong and John Muckler. John Ferguson Jr.?

You think of out of work, aging coaches that might like to move into a front office position. Like West Vancouver resident Pat Quinn. Or Pat Burns. Glenn Hanlon?

As well, you might consider some currently active coaches and GM’s who might be on the market if their teams do not do well in these playoffs. Brian Burke might fit this category as would David Poile. Ron Wilson in San Jose? I say Burke because this is the only situation where he might be available to return to the ‘nucks.

Then you consider Assistants to current GM’s who are looking to move up. Of course this list is topped by Steve Tambellini and includes Detroit’s Jim Nill.

And finally your mind turns to players who have the potential or goal of becoming a NHL GM. Trevor Linden is first to mind. Does the role suit him? Remember that GM’s and coaches are hired to be fired. Do we want to be faced with the team needing to fire GM Trevor Linden? There is a more palatable role for Trevor if he chooses.

Then it hits you! Mark Messier. He has stated his desire for a position in management. Until recently he was on the Canucks payroll. Aqualini / Zimmerman know just enough about hockey to be dangerous. Then you hear it suggested on HNIC. And you shudder. You’re afraid to think it, afraid to say it.

I have no delusions about who reads my material. But please great God of all things hockey. NO! NO! NO! Mister Aqualini no! Am I clear in my position?

I’d love to read your thoughts on the next Canucks' GM. Add your comments below.


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