Sunday, April 27, 2008

Murph the Dog

Hello Readers

Miss 604, also known as social media guru Rebecca Bollwitt, is doing a series of posts on her popular blog about the parks of our area. I offered and Rebecca agreed that I will make a guest contribution on her blog. My post will be about West Vancouver's Ambleside Park. I’m very excited to be recognized for my writing and have the opportunity to contribute to an established, award winning and well know blog like Rebecca’s Miss 604. Look for my post on Ambleside Park at Miss 604 in the near future.

Saturday (26-Apr-08) the little one and I gave up our normal wander through Lighthouse Park to head down to Ambleside to take a few pictures and inventory the park. The little one’s interest in helping was additionally fueled by her curiosity about the Carnival that, this weekend, was taking place in the park.

While undertaking our reconnaissance mission we met Murph the dog. Murph’s owner seemed quite please that Murph was getting his photo taken and even more pleased to hear that he might make the internet as part of our park story. At the time, I told Murph and his family that the site would be westvan dot blogspot without thinking that the real site would be Miss 604. Then in wordsmithing of the story I began to think would Murph’s picture make the editor's final cut?

The ‘Dog Beach’ portion of Ambleside is an important element of the park. I’m pretty sure Murph will survive the editor’s final cut.

Regardless, meet Murph the dog! He seemed to be having a fairly relaxed time at Dog Beach. We enjoyed briefly meeting him.

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  1. Anonymous8:37 pm

    Hi Miss 604,

    Thanks for posting Murphy's picture. He is a regular at Ambleside Beach. He loves to dig, swim and meet other dog owners.
    Hope to see you again at Ambleside in the future. We'll be there for sure as summer is fast approaching.

    Murphy's Ma & Pa.

  2. Anonymous7:48 pm

    Hi Miss 604,
    This is Murph's uncle Pete writing from Oakville, Ontario. I've visited Ambleside dog park many times, taking Murph the Dog for plenty of walks. The memories will live with me for ever, as Murph the Dog is very impressionable and the friendliest dog you will ever meet. I think he should be voted Dog of the Year for the City Vancouver!!! What do you think?

  3. Hee hee why not Murph for West Van Mayor!

    Just to clarify for we're not Miss 604. I am Terry and Aly is my daughter who you met.

    "Miss 604" is a social media consultant who writes a blog at - her name is Rebecca. We have never met her in person. Miss 604 is doing a series on the parks of Vancouver and I (WestVan at Blogspot) was invited to make a guest post on Ambleside.

    I hope to do more West Van parks in the future.


  4. Anonymous9:06 pm

    I think Murph the Dog as Mayor of West Vancouver is an excellent idea. My sister is actually Murph's owner who you met. I live way across the country in Oakville. I'll soon be Murph's campaign manager to get him voted in Mayor of West Vancouver!! Since the Olympics are coming to Vancouver, Murph should be chosen to run the Olympic torch through downttown Vancouver. He would be perfect, and would represent Vancouver as the dog loving city it is! I'll start making signs, badges, banners that read, "VOTE FOR MURPH"..."VOTE FOR MURPH"!!!