Saturday, May 01, 2010

2010 Stanley Cup Playoff Referees

The second round 2010 referees are, in descending order of experience, Bill McCreary (26 years), Paul Devorski (21), Stephan Walkom (20), Dan O’Halloran (15), Brad Watson (14), Dan O’Rourke (11), Tim Peel (11), Kelly Sutherland (10), Kevin Pollock (10), Marc Joannette (10), Eric Furlatt (9) and Chris Lee (9).

Active referees with over 700 games of experience not invited by the NHL to participate in the second round of the playoff are Don VanMassenhoven (1003 games), Dave Jackson (1002) and Dennis LaRue (862). One might wonder why these senior officials are not participating in the 2010 Stanley Cup tournament.

Comparing number of games officiated with the number of playoff game assignments we find three officials who are unique in their capabilities. McCreary, Watson and Pollock are the only officials with a ratio of playoff games to regular season games greater the 0.15 and over their careers have officiated more than 10 playoff games per year. The NHL seems to place a lot of trust in these officials.

Dan O’Rourke (434 games), Chris Lee (444) and Eric Furlatt (460) are the least experienced officials, each with less than 500 games, to steward this year’s tournament. Furlatt seems to be an exception here as with only 9 years in the league he has already amassed 38 playoff assignments.

All data was extracted from the NHL Officials Home


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