Sunday, September 30, 2007

A look ahead to Friday 5-Oct-2007

If it were me putting in the opening night line up here is what I’d do:

Line 122 D Sedin33 H Sedin26 R Shannon
Line 29 T Pyatt17 R Kesler19 M Naslund C
Line 324 M Cooke7 B Morrison*16 T Linden A
Line 420 J Cowan15 B Ritchie27 B Isbister
Defence 18 W Mitchell A3 K Bieksa
Defence 22 M Ohlund23 A Edler
Defence 35 L Krajicek4 A Miller
Goal 1 R Luongo Back Up 41 C Sanford

Injured Reserve: 6 S Salo**, (?7 B Morrison?)

Healthy Scratches: 25 D McGillis, 14 A Burrows, 21 M Raymond

* If Morrison is injured then send Raymond to the Moose and replace Morrison with Rypien. If Rypien is unavailable due to suspension then move Linden to Center and put Raymond in on the right side of either the 3rd or 4th line and adjust as needed.

** When Salo’s wrist is healed, swap out the least performing of Miller and Edler and pair Salo with Ohlund.

Some Stats:

Age: Forwards 29.2, Defence 27.1, Skaters 28.4. Luongo is 28.

Size: Forwards 6’1”, Defence 6’2”, Skaters 6’2”. Luongo is 6’3”.

Forwards 201 lbs, Defence 207 lbs, Skaters 204 lbs. Luongo is 205 lbs.

National Make-up: Canada 12(57%), Sweden 5 (24%), USA 3 (14%), Czech 1 (5%).

Most Games Played: T Linden 1323, M Naslund 953, B Morrison/M Ohlund 635

Fewest Games Played: N McIver 1, A Edler 22, R Shannon 53

Average Games Played: Forwards 491, Defence 279, Skaters 413. Luongo has played 418 games.

Oldest: T Linden 37, Youngest: A Edler 21


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