Sunday, September 30, 2007

EA Simulation Picks Sharks

Vancouver based EA Sports has completed their annual simulation of the NHL Season. EA NHL 08 predicts the San Jose Sharks over Pittsurgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup finals.

Here is the the results of their simulation of regualar season and play offs:

NYR 113
>- NYR
BUF 94
>- NYR
OTT 105
>- TOR
TOR 95
>- NYR
NJD 96
>- CAR
CAR 94
>- PIT
PIT 109
>- PIT
TBL 107

ANA 109
>- ANA
NSH 90
>- EDM
COL 104
>- EDM
EDM 93
>- SJS
SJS 96
>- SJS
VAN 101
>- SJS
DET 100
>- DET
CAL 101

Vancouver tied with Calgary behind Colorado seems pretty realistic to me. Vancouver loses to the eventual Stanley Cup winner again this year. Edmonton knockinng off Ryan Smyth and the Colorado Avalanche is a funny one. And EA must have a huge bug in their metrics for the Toronto Maple Leaves.


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