Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Road Ahead – 26-Feb-06

Here is the end game for the Vancouver Canucks.

When NHL play resumes on 28-Feb-2006 the Canucks will have 23 games remaining. Those 23 games represent 66 potential points. In the 59 games played to this point 71 points have been secured. That translates to 1.203 points per game. If the trend were to continue 23 games represent 28 points or a season total of 99.

Of the 23 games remaining, 8 are against teams currently with higher point totals. This leaves 15 games or 30 points against ‘weaker’ opponents. A total of 101 points would result from only beating the weaker teams.

Of the 23 games remaining, there are 13 at home and 10 on the road. Those 13 home games represent 26 points or a season total of 97 points.

In ’03-04 Detroit scored 109 points to be first seed. The Canucks scored 101 points to be third seed. Nashville was the eighth seed with 91 points. Of course in ’03-04 there wasn’t this three points to kiss your sister scenario. Back then Minny had the most ties with 20 and Calgary had the least with 7. The average was 12.2 ties per team. Or you could say 12 new points per team.

Of the 23 games remaining, 8 are divisional match ups. The Canucks have two with the Flames, three with the Oilers, two with the Wild and one with the Avalanche. These are the proverbial four pointers. There is a collective 32 points of available ‘space’ to be gained or lost on divisional rivals.

Finally, there are eleven days and five games until the NHL Trading Deadline. Telephone for Mr. Nonis, Mr. Dave Nonis. Call from St Louis. On hold Phoenix, Chicago, Washington DC, Tampa Bay or Uniondale for Mr. Nonis.


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