Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hockey Analysts

There has been some commentary in the other Nuck’s blogs about how much Greg Millen sucks. I’ve made some comments with Jeff and Alanah. Or with Tom B Here. In adding my own two cents here: I have a fool proof plan to ensure I see a lot more hockey games and do the general public a service at the same time. I propose to the CBC and HNIC gang, hire me with the job description of monitoring Greg Millen’s colour commentary. Perhaps we could set up some sort of buzzer system where every time he says something stupid, I get to ring the buzzer, cut off his mike and explain to him why what he just said is wrong, stupid, or irrelevant. This will give Jim Hughson much more freedom to call the game for the rest of HNIC’s audience. Sounds reasonable to me.

Mrs. Hughson should consider only buying the smaller bottles of Tylenol and throw out any old razor blades that may be hanging around Jim’s medicine cabinet. Jim’s tolerance for Colour men seems to be dwindling. I picture Jim at home after the Saturday night HNIC games starring in the mirror and sobbing “why me, why me.” Early in the third period of Vancouver vs. Columbus there was a couple of new NHL calls – McCarthy for Holding and Foote for Interference. John Garrett started down the snivelling route about weak calls. Hughson curtly cut him off with “Oh for heavens sakes. I’m not going to have to argue this with another colour man, am I?”* Give Garrett credit he interpreted Hughson’s tone and had likely listened to the exchange between Hughson and Millen on the same subject at the same point in a Vancouver Edmonton game two nights earlier. Garrett responded “no you don’t” and shut up.

To be honest I can believe Jim n John call a game and then from time to time enjoy a beverage together. Whereas, at the HNIC broadcasts, I can see Jim beating an as fast possible exit from Millen’s presence.

* or words to that effect.

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