Saturday, April 09, 2011

With One Game To Go

09-Apr-11 @ 8:00

Tonight: Canucks play Calgary on HNIC. As with last year the Flames are officailly done. last year the Nucks put up a 7-3 Win at home which featured a stunning goal by Daniel. This yers game is in Calgary. Having put up a 5-0 win over Minny to close the home schedule, I suspect the game in Calgary to be less. Much less.

If the playoffs were to start tomorrow we would face the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round. With everyone from 9th place Dallas to 4th place Nashville as potential for the first round match up. The math is complex but the most likely candidates are Dallas, Chicago or LA. The lowest points in the West will be 97 - Dallas, Chicago or Anaheim. The lowest non Shoot Out west wins will either 36 or 37 by Los Angeles. we get the lowest points with the lowest number of non shoot out wins breaking a tie in points.

Before the end of the season (I guess I mean tomorrow) I will make a graphic with the match ups.

We are 16 wins away from the Holly Grail and none of those 16 games will be played before 13-Apr-2011.


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