Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow Impacts Trash Collection

This post related to the winter of 2008. With all the snowy weather, on 19-Dec the District staff advises residents of West Vancouver to retrieve from curbside any recycling that was not collected and to set it out for their next scheduled collection day.

Due to the snow and the continued poor road conditions, recycling collection will only be attempted where road conditions have been deemed safe by the driver on route. Trucks will not go back this week for anything they have missed earlier on.

Regarding garbage collection, next week, the week of 22-Dec, the 2-can garbage limit will be increased to 4 cans for residents missed previously due to unsafe road conditions.

With the holidays on Thursdays of 25-Dec and 1-Jan, residents below the highway between Taylor Way and 23rd will not be getting pick for quite some time. My guess would be that next scheduled pickup would be on 2-Jan.


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