Sunday, August 13, 2006

Who is hated.

We the aforementioned list of the loathed was published in the Province newspaper today. As the population submitting commentary was Province readers of course there would be some bias towards hockey celebrity. Notes from the list are as follows:

#1) Don Cherry – most hated but likely most loved too. It is interesting that the man can be seen as both narrow minded and rude yet patriotic and insightful at the same time. Often with both views held by the same person. Remember Don was voted to the CBC’s ten greatest Canadian’s list. Don placed seventh amongst vote getters. In a segment of Coaches Corner he seemed to believe he had actually been voted ‘the’ greatest Canadian, then the greatest Canadian ‘still living.’ He seemed truly crestfallen to have Ron remind him that David Suzuki is still alive. Dr. Suzuki placed fifth. CBC Greatest Canadian

#5) the ‘sports’ media – Tom Larcheid (former?) Canucks colour man, Tony Gallagher Province columnist and Dave Pratt Team 1040 Anchor all took hits for their approaches to their work. For my money Larcheid is a nice exuberant guy who loves his work. It hard to believe that he was once a linebacker. Gallagher is a damn good gumshoe even if he does come off as snide at times. We all remember Burkie. There was no love lost between Brian and Tony. Brian’s commentary: when the Canucks win the cup, Gallagher’s headline will be “Canucks use ugly cars in parade.” Which leaves Pratt who is just damn annoying. Donny Taylor was recently interviewing Trevor Linden. Donnie asked the Canucks veteran if he liked Jim Rome’s sports talk show. Trevor’s measured response was “are you asking me if I like the show or if I listen to the show.” Rome suffers from a similar syndrome as Pratt known as FigJam(Wiki it in the context of Phil Mickelson).

My personal favourite Greg Millen didn’t make mention in the article.

#6) Gary Bettman – the Count took all the usual shots. Like Cherry, Bettman can be both loathed and loved. It is interesting how he has single-handedly both destroyed and saved the NHL. My only real beef with Bettman is his organization's control over Lord Stanley’s mug. What happened in ’04-05 was criminal for the history of the game and the chalice. Here’s a suggestion. As far as I know the Canadian Senate is useless. Give administrative control of the Cup to the Senate. You kill two birds with one stone! The Senators get a reason to exist. Should insanity ever overtake labour/management in the NHL let the fine Senators decide to award the cup to the top Junior team or the top European team or arrange a tournament of ALH/ECHL teams. The possibilities are endless. Interesting rant.

#8) Dick Pound – I often wonder if this guy is, himself, on drugs. He seems so adept at beating his own chest and going off half cocked. Come think of it given his name maybe it isn’t just his chest that’s taking the beating. Or going off. Dick’s Rant

#9) Mark Messier – This one is a bit of a surprise. For those outside the coven of Canucks fans I’m sure the Moose’s selection is truly a puzzle. Keep in mind Messier’s years here in Vancouver were some of the darkest in the franchise’s history. Still I’d have thought Iron Mike Keenan would have been seen as a bigger villain from that era. Try this.

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