Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Canuck Free Agents.

Vancouver's Free Agents are:

Group 2 - Restricted

Juha Alen
Jozef Balej
Kevin Bieksa
Tyler Bouck
Alex Burrows
Josh Green
Ryan Kesler
Jason King
Lukas Krajicek
Mika Noronen
Prestin Ryan
Jesse Schultz
Roberto Luongo - signed by Vancouver for $27M on 29-Jun-06, Four year deal.
D & H Sedin - resigned by Vancouver for 3.5M each on 30-Jun-06. Three year deal.

Group 3 - Unrestricted

Nolan Baumgartner - signed by Philly no financial details. Two year deal.
Sean Brown
Sven Butenschon
Keith Carney - signed by Minnesota 01-Jul-06. No terms available.
Anson Carter - said to be talking hard with the Leafs.
Craig Darby
Johan Davidson
Jason Doig
Wade Flaherty
Ed Jovanovski - signed by Phoenix 1-Jul-06
Justin Kurtz
Trevor Linden
Richard Park
Leif Rohlin
Jarkko Ruutu - signed by Pittsburgh 4-Jul-06 for $2.3M on a 2 year deal.
Vadim Sharifijanov
Lubomir Vaic
Eric Weinrich
Willie Mitchell - signed by Vancouver for $14M. Four year deal.

Group 6 Unrestricted

Lee Goren
Maxime Ouellet

Players without Contracts or Qualifying Offers.

Wade Brookbank
Rob McVicar
Brandon Nolan
Marc-Andre Roy
Nathan Smith

Phew seems like a lot of paper work!

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