Thursday, March 23, 2006

Counting by Two’s

I was looking over the Vancouver Canucks schedule for a number of reasons, including the playoff status, pay per view games and some thoughts as to Trevor Linden. I’ll give my commentary on Trevor in early April – likely in the break between the LA and Calgary games. As for the rest of the season, today, it lines up as six sets of two games.

- Continue to face the Oilers – tonight & Saturday.
- LA Kings are played twice – 27-Mar & 3-Apr
- Minnesota Wild come to town for two games – 29 & 31-Mar.
- Face the Ducks twice – 2 & 10-Apr.
- Back to back games are played with San Jose – 12 & 13-Apr

This leaves two April, Saturday games on Hockey Night in Canada. These are with the Flames on 8-Apr and Avalanche 15-Apr.

The Canucks currently have 80 points. More than 95 are going to be required to get into the main dance. Fifteen points in 12 games or a winning percentage of 0.625. Fifteen points against 7 opponents. Not only do the Canucks have to win one of each pair they have to have a win plus a point from the other game in at least three of the pairs. The Kings and Wild don’t worry me. The Sharks and Ducks do. It is going down to the area where the Canucks have had the least success all year – Edmonton, Colorado and Calgary – the strong Northwest Division. Play my game of counting by twos as well as win the remaining games against the Northwest and everything should be fine.


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