Thursday, January 05, 2006


This an introduction post to my Blog. I live in West Vancouver and have a range of interests in many topics. Included in these, of course, are work, sustenance and entertainment. I have no set ideas on what I might include in this Blog but the above topics come to mind.

Work - I've been in the Information Technology Field for twenty plus years. I currently have a couple gigs going on that brings my work interest into the areas of automation, asset management and business intelligence. Certainly I expect to be blogging about my work at times.

Sustenance - Food and Wine! Yes I love both! I love to cook and have a capable knowledge of wine. I do not expect to be blogging a lot about food and wine but something tells me that maybe the topics might make an appearance from time to time. Maybe even some commentary on the restaurants in and about West Vancouver could be considered.

Entertainment - My passions in traditional entertainment are movies and sports. I sail and golf. Neither as often as I'd like. I played some hockey when I was young. I'm a passionate Canucks fan. Or I try to be given the team's ability to keep tossing even the most diehard fan off their band wagon. I expect to make a few Canuck's commentaries here.

For non traditional entertainment, I often find politics and the news media mildly entertaining. I have more of a global view of these as frankly Canadian politics and media are so irrelevant. West Vancouver is quaint and we do certainly get some interesting local views from time to time.

I also watch a lot of movies. I think one of my alter ego's would like to be a critic - world politics, movies, food & wine are all areas where we all have opinions that we often like to share. I like to write. So I'll give the role of critic a try from time to time.

Welcome to my blog. Nice to have you visit.


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